Decal Instructions

Basic Decal Instructions and Tips.

Your decal consists of three layers
1. Clear Transfer Tape
2. Vinyl Decal
3. Wax Paper Backing

Surface Preparation:
First prepare the surface you wish to install your decal on. Clean the surface completely so it is free or dirt, dust, adhesive residue, and chemicals. An ideal surface is smooth, hard, and glossy, such as a window or painted vehicle body panel.

Turn the decal face down and carefully peel off the backing layer(wax paper backing) from the decal. Only the vinyl and the clear transfer layer should remain.

Carefully apply decal where desired. Use a credit card to rub and smooth the decal onto the surface.

Slowly peel away clear transfer tape layer. Make sure the decal remains stuck to surface. If part of the decal ramains stuck the clear transfer tape just press that part back down and rub a little harder with card.

Enjoy your new decal. 

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